Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

of Mr. Bolton. 17 (hall bee likewife further (hewed. Vpon this hee refolved to enter into the lo. Miniftery, and about the thirty fife yeare of His ''91 the firi, his agewas ordained Minifter, after which hewholly apply ed himfelfe to the workc of the Miniftery, and improoved all his lear- ning andtime to that excellent end : A little whileafter hewas in theMiniftry, he was by meanes made knownetoMr. IufliceNicolls, at that timeSerjeant at Law, who obferving thecomelinefleofhis perfon and the fluffe that was in him , had it alwayes in his thoughts to adyance him , and about the thirty feventh yeareofMr. Bobona age, the perfonageofBroughtonin Northampton:/hire falling void, bee did by my hand fend for . him fromthe Vniverfity to his chamber at Serjeants Inne, and prefentedhim to that liy ving, at which timeDr. King late Bithop of Londonbeing then byaccident at the Iudges chamber, thanked him for Matter Bolton, buttoldhimwithall, that hee had depri ved the Vniverfity of a fingular Ornament : Thendid beeput out hisfirftbooke,contai- fingAdifcourfeoftruehappheye , which hee dedica.