Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

ofMr, Bolton. 23 a in CHRIST all his dayes; But he knewno other way to pull them out ofthe fnare of Satan and flue ofdarkeneffe then the way bee tooke,w'ithout drawing the horrible fin ofBloud<.guiltineffe upon his foule. Butthat whichmade his preaching more illuarious , was that burning& íhining light whichappeared in hislife and converfation in thefe fiveparticulars. Piet . i. HisPiety,wherein I neednot fay much, 6 Eicrté ea eper forthat fecond bookeofhis concerning dim fuit Il Ce homminugç m reEtions for walkirgwith Go D, were framed p oü &ti~` out of the pious Meditations ofhis owne Chiin,.noe rumvita,ue heart,as aguide for himfelfe forthe ordering Cemper edam of°hid fteps in the wayes of righreoufneffe , 'n ° caíliflimimo. which hee fo flrióìly obferved throughout ribris tamcn a- J liquiJpoflis the courfe of his life that '(allowingtohim Alcrare his frailties and infirmities , which theho-A ßßp. 6401.'" lieft menwhile theirflefh is upon them !hall b sanEtorum vitam inveniri not be freed from) j het could not bee uftlI '° fre dici.mus line taxedby any,no nothisvery enemies (ifhee fine imine lead any fuck) of any groffe and b fears- autem quire vivere exií} dalous finnes Pincehis firfl converfion from mat, non is agit ut Peccatü them. And no marvell ifhee attained to nonhabeas, fuch aheight ofholineewhen hewas lifted non fed ut acciveniana pl t. up Aug. ERCU r,