Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

The LifeandDeath all his denunciations againft finite, henever perfonatedany man whereby to put him to fhame, unleffehis own inwardguiltines cau- fedhim toapply it tohimfelfe, 2, Hewould never preffe upon theconfcience the guild- netfe offanne, or other ftrite{point , but hee would fortifie it by Scripture, by theancient Fathers, (inwhichbeewas ripeand ready ) and the concurrence of the belt Orthodoxe Writers, to ftop themouth ofall Panderers that fhould accufehisdorine,either ofno- veltie,or oftoomuch precifeneffe. 3. When bee had fearch'd the confcience to thevery quicke (asbee woulddoe) hee ever offered CHRIST in all his beautyand fweetneffe, and powred it forth upon the confcience with fucha torrent of Eloquence as would have melted the hearts ofany, but thole which obflinately refuted the voiceofthat power. full charmer. 4Hewould alwaies proteft un- tohis people,that it wasa trouble&griefto him topreachagain(} their fins,hedelighted not tovexanyoftheir cöfciences, he fhould beglad the cafe was íowith them, that bee might onlypreach the richesof themercies in