Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

of Mr. Bolton, defired her tobeare his difl'olution , which wasnow at hand, with a Chriftian fortitude, athingwhich he had prepared her for by the (pace oftwenty ycares, telling her that his approaching deathwas decreed upon him from all eternity,and that the counfell ofthe LORD mui( hand , and bad her make no doubt but thee should meete himagaine in Heaven; And turning towbrdhis `children told them, that they íhould not expel hie thould now fayany thing to them, neither would his ability of body and breathgive him leave, bee had told them enough in the timeofhis ficknef eand before, and hoped they would remember it,and verily believed that noneofthem641 think tometehimatthat great Tribune inanunregenerate ate. About twodayes after, divers of his Parilh com- ming towatch withhim,he was moved by a friend that as heehaddifcover'd to themby his Dotrine,the exceedingcomforts that were in CnxisT, hee would now tell them what bee felt in his fouóe. Alas (laid be) doe they Tooke for that ofmeenow that int breath andpower to fpeake? 1have told themenough in . my 33 He had ke Ghildren, one /nnne,andjnure dauLjirers: i