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34 TheLifeandDeath my Minifáry Butyettagìrveyoufatisfaaion, Iamby the wonderful) mercies of G oD as full ofcomfort as myheart canhold,and f ele nothing inmyfoule but CH it t s T with whom I hearty jr defireto bee; And then looking upon Tome that wereweeping, laid, Oh 'hatadealeadoe there is before one can die l 18, The night before bee died, when the doores without began to bee f13ut, and the daughters of Muticke to beebrought low, and bee lying very lowwith his head , ex- peeting every moment when the wheele fhould bebroken at the Ciflerne, yet being told that fomeofhis deare friends were then about him to take their laa farewell,I e cau- fedhimfelfe tobe lifted up,and then likeold Jacobbowinghimfelfeon his beds-head, after a ° Alufiice of few gafpings for breath, bee fpake in this Peace in dif- ton Jam now drawing onapace to nay if Notthiamp- g; folution, andam juflin the Cafe of Sir iohn avF,afe vcrtuours memory 1 can "Pickering, Holdout Faithand Patienceyour never t in thine C workewillfpeedily be atanend; And thenfha- bu the phra/èof the tt king themallby thehands. pra yed heartily ,and Apo111e. 1 he worldwasnot .'c particularly for them, and defred them to worthy ofhim. a a. 4 makelureofbeaten, and to beare inminde ct =what