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f,l 38 TheLr.'feandDeath rcturne home againe. Towhom this godly Bilhop by way of allulion to that brace fpeechof4VeJpatian theEmperor thus excel- lently replyed,Oportetep f opumconcionantem * °porter im- mori, which in the " florie ofhis life is thus peratorem y íkantcm mori. englithed, it becvmmethbell aßi (hopto dieprea- v PhiL;i" vit"-thing in thepulpit. And fo hee did, for pre- ' D.Hstmpbrey fently after the Sermon bee was by reafon in the life of B.lewert. of fickneffeforced to his Bed, fromwhence beenever came off, till his tranflaclon to Glory. For the latter part ofthe Objeáion tou- ching that precilenesof life that was inhim andwhichought to bee in the Miniflers of GoD Let him that objeaeth but well read and tninde thofe flri& precepts oftheApo- = Tim. 3. file PaultoYimothyandTitus, the examples Tü. I. I. of primitive times and thofe precife injun- 3ions for the Clergy that are dilperfed b A crapula & throughout the whole body ofthe Canon cbrietate quæ Law,and tocome neerer home in the' Pro - hone$ item eorutn dcfor, vinciall Conflitutions of Canterbury, But e{- omninó c tuant omnes crci pecially in thofe excellent reformedEcclefi. li abitineant & af}icall Lawes compiledby the twoand thir- &c. s«pb. in Gon- ty Commiflioners (whole names I have oxoz. feene