Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

RgEtI5LZ E&1 TO THE RIGHT VVOR- SHIPFVLL, HIS VERY GOOD PATRON, SIR Av GV ST IN E N c o L s, Knight, Sergeant at the Law ; theglorious comforts ofGrace here, and the blefdneje oftmmotaliryhereafter. Ir,I having beenoftenand much fol- licitedwithvariety and iterationof ftrong importunitie, topublish and let paffe into the eyeof thiscen- foriousworld, thefe, thevery fiat fruits and effaies of mine imploy- ment and bufinefïe in the Minifte- ry; did apprehendand imbrace this feafon with bet- ter contentment,and withmore cheerefulnesad`dreffe and compofe my felfe thereunto ; becaufe I did fee opportunity offered thereby, to let appeare abroad my thankefull acknowledgement of your refpeet- full, and more then ordinary favour unto mee ; and a publike teaimonyofyour worthy and exemplary integritie, indischarging your hands, and faithful- ly difpofing that portion of the Churches pa- trimony committed to your truftand confcience. An affaire(though in thefedefperately finfull times,feare- fully andaccurfedly abufed) ofhigh&waighty con- fequence,and ofgreat power; as it fhall bedifcharged A 2 with-