Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

*Will a man fpoile his gods ? yet have ye fpoyled me; But yee fay, wherein have wee fpoyled thee ? In tythes and offerings. Ye are cur- fed witha curfe.for ye have fpoy- led me, e- ven this wholena- tion. Mal.;.S,cj. The Epij le Dedicatory. with confcience,or corruption:either further to ruine our Church, and bring it tomore miferyand defola- tion, or to repaire and advance it to better flare, and more leafed God toguideyour heart in this bufinefle, P 9 to blefreme with his providéce, that wheras tooma- ny Patrons nowadayes, either bydetaining Sacrile- gtonfly Gods portion, againfl all grounds of equitie, bothdivine and humane ; or by furnifhingChurch- livings Simoniacally and corruptly, doe certainely pull upon theirowne heads,foules and bodies,goods andpofteritie,a heavy andhorrible *curie ; and (hall thereby make theiraccount to bee without favour at the laic day and whereas many worthymen (after they have wearied and wafted their bodies and minds, their fpirits and patrimony in ítudy , and wornout their hopeswith long and tedious expecta- tion, purfuite,and dependance) come at length with much adoe,tono great matrers;and when all is done, it is well iftheyelcape all galling and gafhofconfci ence, ,fuck is the irange iniquitie ofthe times ! yet I fay, foworthily have you dealt with me, and foo up- rightly in the Churches caufe, that upon your owne fiat motion you fent unto mee, toaccept theplace I now enjoy from you ; and offered meea faire, a free comfortable 'mirage to theexercifeofmy Mini-' fieryabroad; (which next unto the falvation ofmine owne foule, I hold moil Beareand precious)"when I' neither foughtafter, nor thought uponpreferment. This your rare and fingular bounty , did at thevery fiat ailedme with a fecret fenf ofan extraordinary obligation , for all inward affeetionatenelre ;. and with