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The Epifiíe Dedicatory. with a&fire of reprefenting it in forrme vifible forme ofoutward tellification. Bat when I did (after) fur- ther confider, fiat, how that Sacriledge andSimony, that damnedcouple ofcrying firms , like two rave- nous Harpies 'and thetwo infatiabledaughters of the Hor(-leech, had feazed evenupon the heart of our Church, ready to rend and teare in pieces her very heart-ftrings,and to fuckeout the inmoft blood, and laft life ofour deareft Mother : when I looked above me in this famous Vaiverfirie, whereI have lived, and raw many reverend and learned men, full ofthe light ofdivine truthand ofthe water of life;ablegloriouf- ly and comfortably to illighten and refrefh many darke places anddry foules in this land; ready toex- pire andpowre out their foules in the bofome ofthis their famous Nurfe; not brought up by her todye at her brefts;but (ifthey might have honeft and lawful! paffage) ready and addreft to enlarge Chrifts King= dome abroad, and to oppöfewith all their power, a- gainft the bloody torrent ofPopery, and rage ofAn- tichrift : Laftly, when I weighed with my felfe mine ovinenaturali declination and refolved unfitneffe, to makea noire and ftirre in the world for preferment, I did find, that as there confiderations did before give (mall hope of changing my Ration; fo now they were ofpower yet fùrther to double the impreflion ofyour worthy and extraordinary goodnefle unto me,and frefhly to renew the thankeful devotions and apprehenfions of mine heart. Out of which bath fprung inme a thirttingearneftneffe and contentionof fpirit, to returne untoyou , for there temporall fa. yours (fo fare as the nature ofthat high minifteriall A 3 funEtion,