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. NMI AN ADVERTISEMENT TO THE READER. Hriflian This Difcourfe, which nowflands fo cleft together , wad deliveredinfivefeverallSermons, butal to amoltjudicious andintel- ligent Auditory ; therefore there is a continuanceofmatter, coherence, andfide. I muff intreat thee, out ofthine ingenuous difcretion, to diflinguijh the places where they werepreach:, a thou!haltfind the direelion of myfjeech andfameparticular applications more naturall and nece ffarily with individuall reference appropriated thereunto. The reafonswhy Ifient themeofmy medica- tions, andflickfo longin defcrying and deciphering the flakofformalihypocrifie (for thereinI have trodafome- thing uncouth andunufuallpath) are theft : girt , iconfideredthat in thisfull light ofthe Gofel, agreat number of men applaudand content themfelves with afuperficiallglijieringof formallprofeßion, out- ward conformity to the Minifiery of the Word, and forcefadeflajhesofan unfoundperfwafion that they are in the ready and right way to Heaven; when as indeed it bath not inwardly inlightened their underiiandings with faxingknowledge, heated their affectionwith true zeate, (fubdued theirfinfull thoughts, andnoyfome tufts with the power