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To the Reader. power ofgrace, nor refined andfaniifled their he toyeeld a cheerefull, f ncere, and univerfa/l obedience i thereunto. c rindfo after afewmiferable dayes jbert in aprojberouefecuritie, theyfallinto the ¡awes ofhell, be- fore they mil/ru(1anyfuck matter; and thepit ofdefiru. then!buts her mouth upon them, before they know andac- knowledge their broken andbankruptfilate in (pratfall things.I therefore delre andendeavour to awake them out oftheir goldendreamt o f imaginary future happinefe; that with open eyes they mayfee their prefent f irituallpo. vertie,andfa betimesprevent the anger to come. 1hope in theLord, andwi/hheartily , that bya difationate a;d thorowperufallofthis Treatife, they may takefomefcant- lingoftheir owne eflate with God 5 andentringaferiera and impartial/fearch andexamination of their confcien- ces, difcover and reveale themfelves unto themfelues ; and to if they belong unto the everlafling covenant ofgrace, flep forwardinto theflareofgrace, theparadife o f true Chris7ianity, andpral/ice ofholinefe; that their Beare 'andpreciousfoules may beefaved in the day ofthe Lord/efus. Secondly, Ididconceive, that there is a threefoldcord, threemainandcapital/cafes, that violently haledown uponasfromHeaven many both corporal! and /irituall plagues ; and bindthemfall to the bowels, andprincipali parts ofthis Kingdome ; anddoe daily more andmore ri- pen thejui wrathofGod , for the powring out ofhis laß vengeance upon thisfinfullNation. They are there : Firfd, the overflowing torrent, andunbridledrage ofmany cry- ing finnes,fearefullabominations,and defperateprophane- neffe. Secondly, aferfibledeclinationfrom theirfrrft love, and decay ofzeale, even in Chr f fans. Thirdly, . a lake warmenele a