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To the Reader. any mandrive away an hungry Lyon in the wood Orquench the fire inBubble , when it hath once be- gun to burne :' May ore turne againe t hearrow that is thot ofa ílrong Archer If the Lord once whet his glittering fword ; andhis hand take hold onjudgement, withpurpofe to root out a finfull and rebellions nation; there n nopower orpolicy, nomultitude o f wren, or magni- ficence ofState, noarmour ofthe mighty, or arme of flejb, jhallever be able togive anyfuccour, reliefe, or delive- rance. Concerning thefecond : Certain it is, that our blef- flngsofpeace, andflrengthofState, breed (byaccident) much abatement o f'forwardneffe, andzeale ingodlineffe, fecret indevotion, andcoldneffeeveninmany trueProfef- f rs,carelefneffein obferving their wayes; wearinefe and uncheerefulneffe in doinggood, andperforming holy du- ties, unpreparedneff'e in comming to diuinefervices, reli- gious exercifes,and the Lords Table ;flightnes andunpro- fitableneffe inprayer,meditation,Chriflian conference,and daily examination oftheir confciences; neglect ofopportu- nity inwinning their brethrenunto thefeareofCod, and ofworking upon, andprevailing with their kindred, ac- quaintance, familiars andfamilies. Thns wickedly and unthankefully turnewe themerciesofGodinto occafons of firm, andflierour temporalibappineffe to wafleandcon- fineourfjbirituall blefings. Andthemorewe arefecured inour outward fiate, themore heartlefe we are in thefer- viceofGod,andthe affaires ofthe life to come. But let tic leokeunto it : for os the lowder and crying finnes ofthis Land, are thegreat andflrangcart-ropes ; fi undoubtedly theft (os lefer cords) bave theirpart, andforcepower in drawing upon us heavy judgements, and in preparing further