Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

To the Reader. thence, andthe truecrowne ofChriflianity) are readiefl to make an idol/oftheirgreatfufficiescy, with adifdainfull prejudice topaje by the fmplicityoftheSaints; andout of aflatteringconceit o f their owne hearts to thinke theirfjìi- rituallfiate asgood as the befl, andmoll bleffedfromGod, when asyet they havenopart in the firft refurrec1ion.For when theyfield themfelvesfar above othersinallother ex- cellencies , andwhatfoever remarkable worth the world takes freciall noticeof; theyconceive alfo, that in apropor- tionable congruitie (as indeed it /hould64) theyare infe- riour to none in thefefacredapprehenfons ofheaven, and tafle of upon this confideration,1 was bold,out of a Christian jealorrfie, to treat on this argument, being perfwadedoftheirgreat wifidome and gracious humility to tillers to any heavenly meffage, which might either dif= coverorprevent firitualldanger. Thine inChrifl Iefus, ROE ER1' BOLTON". B3 A