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To the Reader. andbefore the Sunnegeedawneover the Prophets, fuller their hearts to be thorowly heated with true zeale ;andbe- fides their outward reformation,andgenerali lightningsof the spirit,toentertaine thatffecialfavingandfanRifying grace, whichonly canfave theirfoules, andprepare them for the glory that is to berevealed: Lefl now at length (for he bathbornewith us miraculoufly) curjug Godcarafe our Sunne to goe dowseat noose, and dar kercílé tofur- prizeus in the cleareday : Left he root us but ofthis good Land, Its afruitleffe nation; turne us out ofour bottles of peace, :as the unworthiefl, and unthankful/eft people under heaven and ter out his vineyard to other Husband - men, which will deliver him the fruites in their 1èa- Ions. ,endthe morefecure andfearelefe we be (aswe were never more,)themore folden inevitable is like tobe our fitrprizalland def`rtaion. Foras Gods mercies are then- moll magnified, when they relieve the extremefl mifery, andthine into the depthofdifcomfort anddarkenes, when allother lielpe is utterly defpairedof: f o his judgements are moll glorious, when theyflrikcat the height andtappe of prideand impenitency ; while they. thinke themfeíves mofl fure, andwitbgreateflconfidence repofe upon the arme of 'ell), andpolicie ofman. The thirdreafon andmotive, why I infiftfo long ta4he point of forma&hypccrife,wu takenfrom theconditionof mineAuditours ; whobeingofdeepeft underflanding, are naturally apteft,andfítronglieft tempted, tomifiakeandun- dervalue themyfieryofgodíineffe,andto deceivetheir own foules in the highpoint of falvation. For men ofgreateft nablene(fe andpregnancy ofBrit, ofmofl rich andani- verfall endowments ofmind, without thepower ofgrace, and a fanelified humilitie (the faireft branchfir-inging thence, <