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* luflice Ni- colls, esgrave and learneda Judge as ibis J(ingdome en- toyed in the age it held him. z Sam. z. 30. * ( i pecunia & largictoni- bus honoras, facerdotia Sc magi{iratus ambiunt, his pagina depnrte- tioniseft præ- f{ituta.Lex Jul. deambits,. inflict of Peaceand Ing- ram, lattice of Oyer and Terminer, i(nizht ofthe Shire, High Sheriffeofthe County. * Honor fugi- entem fequi- cur, fegerntem fugir. T H E E P I S T L E the PrefTe and dedicate it (in his name) to your felfe , as a pledge of his avowed thankefulnefle for thofe many favours bee received from that Religious and Renowned * J v i G a , his Noble Patron : and from Your felfc , his immediate heire and fuccef- four. This requeft fromhim (that woulddeny me nothing) Iknewnot how to withPcand,though I wrong'dmy felfe in the acceptance ; as to draw a line in that Worke,from which fo rare aWorke-man had taken offhis learnedand eloquent pen. Butyeta neceffitylay upon me; for he de. fired inhis fickneífe, that by this Dedication it might ap- peare to the worldhow much hee honoured your felfe and family, which firf} preferred him. It was no fmall joy tohis heart to fee that fpeech of Godhimfelfe fulfilledupon your Houfe , Thofe that ho- nour mee I will honour. It is fit the world Ihouldknow (that it may blufh and mend) to what eminencyofplace the meere meritsof Inflict X,icolls in that fhort race of his life rais'd himunto. Called hee was by the Writ of' ',eene ELIZAT ET I to beSerjeant at Law : He was by King IAMES made Serjeant at Law to Prince' HEN RYHis eldell Sonte : Judge of the Com- mon Pleas,andChanceltour toour (now) Gracious Sove- raigue, when heewas Prince of Wales But that which truly ennobles his memory ,andmakes me call tominde what our Fleta reporter] was the honour of Judges a- bout King E `D W I RD the thefirli's dayes Heehad and held all thefeplaces Neeprece, nee * precio, net. præ- mie. I amnot afraid to englifh it , for I well know the truth of it : He neither begged them, nor bought them , nor gavefo muchasa New-yeares -giftfor them. The like I can truly fpeake of your felfe; Thofedim nities which have beene call upon you in your owne Country (fence he was taken to glory)which are neither few nor mcaaec : they came to you ; you fuednot for them; *youfought themnot a Nay , you, degradedyour felfc