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DEI%ICATORY. (elk ofone ofthem(a thing not ufuall)by making earneft fuit tobe out of theCoanmifFion ofOyer and Terminer, after youhad a while indur'd it. From hence (as T have good ground to conceive ) would this worthy Aurhour have mounted you up on Eagles wings to the Throne of theHigh& ,whobath done thefe and gteater things for you , and have preit upon you large and high performances. Ifever there were a time for Righteoau Men that are in authority to Phew themfelves , the time is now come. WaneChri- flians , their very perfonsand accons arc bythe abound- ingof finne become a very Parable ofReproach; d com- pany ofBlocke_heads, as a melancholyDivine cgs them. If thole therefore that are in place fhouldnow be filent, it ispitie but their breaths fhould bee ftopt for ever. I have obferved it long , and not without wonder , (looking upon former times) that in there dayes fuch a fpirit of feare and faintnefle bath poflefied the hearts of holy Alien , that they dare notbee couragious in the caufe of God. It is noorange thing for a man tobee fearefull in the Darke : But when fuch a light(nines upon us from heaven , as that our eyes are even dazelled in the behold- ing of it ; now to be timerous , now tobe faint-hearted in a good caufe for feareofmen , or any fuch ignoble re- fpect ; is r onlircue co:rardize. What is there in the face ofman, made ofthe fame mould tolled to and feo with the fame vanity, refoluble into the fame Clay : that we fhould feare it ? What is outward preferment , to the lofie , or certaine hazard ofagood conicience ? For, they are rarely kepttogether : what are mockings, revi- lings, reproaches, imprifonment, &c. togodly men ? but deeper impreffions of flrieter holineffc , and the very marks ofthe LordIefu . Thename of Chrillian is a name bothof Honour and Valor r, and begets better fpirits than either Romanor Grecian ;let cillachiaved and other Atheifs fay what they will. which of their ftories ever madementionof a 2 fo Iraq 40. 31, Degeneres ax.. irnos timor arguit. Pfal. 146.324. NccChriftla- ni ultrádurare aut effe potíù. mas, ti ad hoc ventum eft, ut perditorum minas atq; in. lidias perti. mefcamus. Cfp. Lib. t. Epift 3. ad Corn. ©portuit la divinis caftris milites Chri. Ri : ut no1 mi. ria: tcrreaat, nec ceuciatus & tormenta devincant. typ. tiäi. z. cap. 6.