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ADISCOVRSE A- BOVT THE STATE OF TRVE HAPPINESSE. PSALMS I. z. Inlaid the nun that doth not walke in the counfellofthe wicked, norhandin thewaj offinned, norfit in thefeate of thefcornefrsll. 2. But hisdelight a in the Law of the Lord, *idin húLaw doth hemeditate daj andnight. Here is no greater encouragement, or ftronger motive to ftirre a man toan eager and earnelL purfuite of the meanes, then to propofe unto him anend wherein at length his heart may repofe; as in a concur- rence of all comforts and content- ments. Towhich, there is nopof- fibilityof attainment,butby pure - neffe ofheart, holineffe of life, conftancy in courfe of fan- Ltification, which onely leade unto the face, andpretence of God; where,and with whomalone is the higheff perfeftion ofbliffe, a river ofinfinitepleafures,thewell of life, andend- lefle refs of all createddelires. For the capacity ofmans foule cannot pofi'ibly bee filled with the fufficiency of any creature ; no not with aworld ofcreatures : for they are all nothing tothe worth ofa mansfoule;Chrift himfelfe having preferred it in valuation, What/hall it profit anan, thoughhee B 4 fhoteld