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vl ,Difcourfoftrue happineffe. Mai. i 6.z6 fhoteldWinne thewholeworld, ifhee loofe his o vne foule ? And therefore cannever be free frommotionand vexation:untill it reach unto (either in certaine hope, or aSuall fruition) an ohjea,infinite,as well in excellency ofnature, as durationof time. Bleffid then was the wifedome of the Difpofr of thofe heavenly fpngs ofDavid; whether it was himfelfe,or Ezra, orwhomfoever, in -that bee prefixed this excellent Pfalme,as a Preface to all the red; wherein is propofed, and comprizeda matchleffe happineffe, whereby the godlyman PCa.9 z. i z. may even in this life flourillaike, Palme tree, andgrow like. a Cedar in Lebanon; refrefhed continually with rivers of joyes,and comforts, fhed into his heart by the Spirit ofGod : Pfa.i z5. t, and may (land like mount Zion, un-aftonifhed and unremo-'. ved, at that greatand fearefull day, when thewicked Thall call for the mountaines to coverthem,and with they hadne- ver !, bin. What ingenuous mind wouldnot be inflamedwith zeale, to the profecution of thofe rneanes which leade unto an end as full ofhappineffe, as the Swine is full oflight, and the Sea ofwaters ? What heart not poffefled with an iron fi- new, wouldnot third, and long after found and undiffem- bled finceritie ;, even as theHart brayeth after the rivers of water, and as the dry ground gapeth for dropsofraine ? fish by it alone we purchafe , and put on anunconquerable refo-, lution,iffuing from an affurance ofbeing inChrift, and from the cleareneffe ofagood confcience, whereby we may walke even a4 boldas Lyons, thorowthis valleyof teares, amid the mercileffe vexations ofprophane men ; nay wee may walke PCa1. a. r 3 uponthe Lion andvif jie,theyoung Lyon andthe Dragon we may treadunderfeete; and hereafter be faire tobe fatisfied with the fulneffe of joy in the prefenceof God, and withpleafures at his right hand for evermore. This happy man is here defcribeduntous by many argu- ments. ìFirf#, are laiddowne his markes andproperties, negative, and affirmative, in the two firft verfes. 2 Secondly,his happineffeis lively letout by a fimilittide,in the thirdverfe.. illufrated