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v! Difcourfeof rrme happiraeffe. 9 bled with ilormes and thunders; or theearth with commo- tions and tumults : For ict there bee about him the devou- ring (word ofthe Tyrant, the consuming flames of perfecu- tion, thekeene razors of ly ing tongues, the mouthesofLy- ons , the cruell combinations of his enemies ; nay, let the earth be moved, and let the mountaines fall into the middell of the fea : yet his heart is joyfull, patient, refolute, and con- tented. But todefcend more fpecially to theparticulars of tidene- gative part ofmy Do&rinë : h t meadde to the many and ltrong reafons of the ancient Philofòphers, and late Schoole- men. (againit pleafures, riches, and honours) thefe three; which will for ever utterly difable.,them for claiming any Phewof interell inmans happen fire. - Fielt, they cannot pollibly fiil theunlimited drfire of the foule. For although the trealùres, the g.eatneffe, the delights ofall men living, were in theprefenc. pofhetlión of one : yet fomewhatbefides, and above.atl chis, there would !Ell' bee fought, and earnealy thirtted for. is.certrine, ifone man were notonely crowned with the foveraignty of all the Kingdomes ofthe earth, but befides, were made Com- mander of the motions of the Sunne, and the glory of the Starre ; yet the rel.tlefie eye ofhis u, if cistiedunderltatìding, wouldpeepe and prie beyo d the heavens, for force hidden excellency, and fuppof d telicitie, which the wholecoin- pafie ofthis created world cannot yeeld. So urgiienchable is the :hirft ofmans foule, unti I I it bathe it felfe in che River oflife, and in the immealura)le O.ean of goodneffe and wifedome. So impollible is it, that this materiali world with all her perfe&ions , fhould beea proportionableobjea to fo precious a nature.; or that fo divine a fparke fhould . ceafe riling and afpiruig, untill it j.Irne it felfe to that infiniteflameofglory andmalelhie,.fromwhence it firm if fued. Secondly, they cannot fecure the Cor feience diftrefïed with the apprehenlion of the wrathof God, orprevent his judgements. Memorable is that horrible amazement, that furprized