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s Vere 3. L4 Difceurfe oftrue happine(fe. in theworld tocome. How then poidi yly can therebee any happin fle inthefe vexations ? Wherefore Salomon having prooved the negativepartofmy doarine, concludes thepo- iitive inthe (aftchapter That to feare God, with reverent regard to keepe his commandements, is the onely way to be poffeft oftruehappinelle; to findpeace ofconfcience, and affuranceofthe favour of (god. For let a man, while he will, in this world of vanitie, either (port himfelfe in the foft,and greeneway of fading pleafüres; or pleafe himfèlfe in the glorious miferies of honours and high places; or tirehim- felfe in the toy les ofinfatiable greedineffe; or brave it in his oathes blafphernies, and fïrengthof powring in thong drinke; or tread the fearefull and defp.rate path of con tempts of the power ofReligion,the truth of God,andGrace rifleofhis Saints : all the while, when he is at the heft, he'is but as the raging fea, that cannot refl. For fo ifaiah com- pares the wicked, Chap.5 The fea, you know, is not onely .many times toned and tumbled up and downe with windesand tempefts ; but ever inwardly difgnieted, even with her owne motions, .cafting up continuait mire and upon theChore, andbreaking into foame her .proudest waves againft the Rockes : Even fo the heart of that man which )lath repofed his afft&ions upon the glory of this life is not onely many times difquieted and cat} downe with outward croffes and'occurrents; as with loffe offriends,dif countenance - of great Ones, difappointment of his hopes and preferments; with wrongfuli railings, and difgraces; with lookingupon the day of'his death, and vengeanceup- on the wicked; 'with diflurbers of his fécuritie in his plea- furesanddignities but is alto,, betides the ref}ieffe torture ofhis confcience, ever fromwithin, foaming out his owne flume, the dithonour ofGod, and the vexation of his bre- thren. But it is not fo withhim that holds the feare of Goa for his fùrefl fan&uary; that bath refolved to refigne up him- felfe in-holyobedienceto thewill ofGod. His heartis like theiupperpartofthe`world, which is ever full of ferenitie, conítancy,andbrightneffe; be theairebelownever fo trou- bled