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INTRODUCTION. 79 enduredthe cruel oppressions of the prelates, wentto Holland. Mr. Herring had been driven from his flock, and several times suspended. Mr. Ward had been suspended, required to recant, condemned in costs of suit, and cast intoprison, where he had remained a long time. And Messrs. Mather, Bulkley, Hobert, Symes, Whitfield, Rogers, Partridge, Whiting, Knollys, and Chauncey, withdrew from the storm, and fled to New England. This was no rash adventure. They suffered many hardships by suspension and imprison- ment, previous to their departure. Mr. Chauncey was twice prosecuted by the high commission, suspended from his ministry, cast into prison, condemned in costs of suit, and obliged to make a recantation. While these fled from the storm, others continued to endure the painful conflict. Dr. Stoughton, rector of Aldermanbury, London ; Mr. Andrew Moline, curate of St. ,Swithin's ; Mr. John Goodwin, vicar of St. Stephen's, Coleman-street ; and Mr. Viper of St. Lawrence, Old. J ewry, were prosecuted for breach ofcanons. Mr. Turner and Mr. Lindall, with some others, were censured in the high commission. Mr. John Wood, formerly censured in the high commission, and Mr. Sparrowhawke of St. Mary's, Woolnoth, were both suspended for preaching against bowing at the name of Jesus. Dr. Cornelius Burgess and Mr.. Wharton suffered in the high commis- sion. Mr. Matthews, rector of Pemnayn, was suspended by his diocesan, for preaching against the observance of popish holidays.. Mr. Styles was prosecuted in the ecclesiastical court at York, for omitting the cross in baptism. Mr. Leigh, one of the prebendaries of Lichfield, was suspended for churching refractory women in private, for being averse to the good orders of the church, and for ordering the bell-man to give notice in open market of a sermon. Mr. Kendal of Tuddington, was suspended for preaching a sermon above an hour long, on a sabbath afternoon. Dr. Jenningson of Newcastle, was prosecuted in the high commission, and forced to quit the kingdom, toescape thle fury ofLaud. Mr. John Jemmet of Berwick, was apprehended by a pursuivant, suspended from the sacred function, and banished from the town, without any article or witness being brought against him ; and above twenty other ministers were suspended for nonconformity.t Mr. John Evans was sent to the Gatehouse Mr. John e Wharton's Troubles of Laud, vol. i. p. 535-594. grynne's Cant. Doome, p. 381, 382, 430.