Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

78 INTRODUCTION. Gloucestershire, Mr. Whitfield of Ockham, Mr. Garth of Woversh, Mr. Ward of Pepper-Harrow, Mr. Fa rrol of Pur- bright, Mr. Pegges of Weeford, and Mr. Thomas Valentine, minister of ChalfontSt. Giles, withmany others, werebrought from various parts of the country, and prosecuted in the high commission.. Mr. Edmund Calamy, Mr. William Bridge, Mr. Thomas Allen, and about thirty other worthy ministers, for refusing to read the book and observe Bishop Wren's articles, were driven out of the diocese.+ And Laud, at the same time, caused upwards of twenty ministers to be fined and expelled from their livings, for not bowing at the name of Jesus.t Towards the close of this year, William Prynne, esq. a member of Lincoln's-inn, having published a book, entitled "Histrio-mastix ; or, the Play's Scourge," exposing the evil of plays, masquerades, &c. was sentenced to have his book burnt by the common hangman, to be put from the bar, to be for ever incapable of his profession, to be turned out of the society of Lincoln's-inn, to be degraded at Oxford, to stand in the pillory at Westminster and Cheap- side, to lose both his ears, one in each place, to pay a fine of five thousand pounds, and to' suffer perpetual imprison- ments. Dr. Bastwick, a physician of Colchester, having published a book, entitled Elenchus religionis, papisticas, with an appendix, called Flagellum pontificis and episco- porum Latialium, so greatly offended the prelates, by denying the divine right of bishops above that of presby- ters, that by the high commission, he was discarded from his profession, excommunicated, fined one thousand pounds, and imprisoned till he should recant. And Mr. Burton having published two sermons against the late innovations, entitled. " For God and the King," had his house and study broken open by a serjeant at arms, and his books and papers carried away. He was then suspended, and com- mitted close prisoner to the Fleet, where he remained a long time. These terrible proceedings made many conscientious non- conformists retire, with their families, to Holland and New England. Mr. Thomas Goodwin, Mr. Jeremiah Burroughs, Mr. William Bridge, Mr. Sydrach Sympson, Mr. J ulines Herring, Mr. Samuel Ward, and many others, having Prynne's Cant. Doome, p. 149, 151. 889. '5 Calainy's Account, vol. ii. p. 5, 476. Huntley's Prelates' Usurpations, p. 165. § Rod.orth's Collec. vol. ii. p. 23S.