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90 INTRODUCTION. give eachparty the liberty to speak, they chose many of the most learned episcopalians, as well as those of other deno minations.. Lord Clarendon reproaches these piouS and learned divines, of whom a list is given below,+ by saying, " That some were infamous in their lives and conversation, andmost of them of very mean parts, if not of scandalous ignorance, and of no other reputation than of malice to the 4. Many of the episcopal divines, several of whom were bishops, did not attend, -I- Williary Twisse, D.D. Newbury, prolocutor. Corn.Burgess, D.D. Watford, John White, Dorches- ter, WilliamGonge, D.D. Blackfriars. Robert Harris, B.D. Hanwell. , Tho. Gataker, B.D. Rotherhithe. Oliver Bowles, B.D. Sutton. Edward Reynolds, D.D. Bramston. Jeremiah Whitaker,A.M. Stretton. Anthony Tuckney, B.D. Boston. John Arrowsmith,Lynn. Simeon Ashe, St. Bride's. Philip Nye, Kimbolton. JeremiahBurroughs, A.M. Stepney. John Lightfoot, D.D. Ashly. Stanley GovVer, Brampton-Bryan. RichardHeyricke,A.M. Manchester. Thomas Case, London. Thomas Temple, D.D. Battersea. George Gipps, Ayleston. Thomas Carter, Oxford. - Humphrey Chambers, B.D. CIa- verton. Tho. Micklethwaite, Cherryburton. John Gibbon, Waltham. Christ.Tisdale, Uphurstborne. John Phillips, Wrentham. George Walker, B.D. London. Edm. Calamy, S.D. Aldermanbury. Joseph Caryl, A.M. Lincoln's-inn. Lazarus Seaman, D.D. London. Henry Wilkinson, B.D. Waddesdon. Richard Vines, A.M. Calcot. Nicholas Proffet, Marlborough. Steph. Marshall,B.D. Finchingfield. Joshua Hoyle, D.D. Dublin. Thomas Wilson, A.M. °thorn. Thomas Hodges, B.D. Kensington. Tho. Bayley, B.D. Maningford- Crucis. Francis Taylor; A.M.Yalding. Thomas Young, Stow-market. Tho. Valentine, B.D. Chalfont St. Giles.; Assessors. William Greenhill, Stepney. Edward Peale, Compton, John Green, Pencombe. Andrew Perne, Wilby. Samuel de la Place, French Church. John de la March, French Church. John Dury. Philip Delme. Sydrach Symp., London. John Langley, West-Tuderly. Richard Cleyton, Shown]. Arthur Salwey, Severn Stoke. John Ley, A.M. Budworth. Charles Herle, A.M. Winwick, (pro- locutor after Dr. Twisse.) Herbert Palmer, B. p. Ashwell, (assessor offer Mr. White.) DanieLCawdrey, A.M. Henry Painter, B.D. Exeter. Henry Scudder, Collingbourne. ThomasHill, D.D. Tichmarch. William Reynor, B.D. Egham. Thomas Goodwin, D.O. London. William Spurstowe, D.D. Hampden, Matthew Newcomen, Dedham. John Conant, D.D. Limington. Edmund Staunton ' D.D. Kingston.- Anthony Burgess,Sutton-Coldtield. William Rathband, Highgate, Francis Cheynel, D.D. Petworth. Henry Wilkinson, junior, B.D. Obadiah Sedgwick, B.D. Coggeshal L Ed ward Corbel, Merton coll.Oxford. Samuel Gibson, Burley. Thomas Coleman, A.M. Bliton. Theod. Buckhurst, Overton-Water- vile. William Carter, London. Peter Smith, D.D. Barkway. John Maynard, A.M. William Price, Covent-Garden. John Wincop, D.D. St. Martin's. William Bridge, A.M. Yarmouth. Peter Sterry, London. William Mew, B.D. Esington. Benj. Pickering, East-Hoathly. John Strickland, B.D. New Sarno,