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INTRODUCTION. 91 church.". But Mr. Baxter, who knew them much better than his lordship, says, 44 Theywere men of eminent learn- ing andgodliness, ministerial abilities and fidelity. And the christian world, since the days of the apostles, has never had a synod of more excellent divines, than this synod, and the synod of Dort."t Many of the lords and commons were joined with the divines, to see that they did not gobeyond their commission.) The assemblypresented to the parliament the confession of faith, the larger and shorter catechisms, the directory of public worship, and their humble advice concerning church government. The 44 Assembly's Annotations," as it is commonly called, is unjustly ascribed to the assembly. The parliament em- ployed the authors of that work, several of whom were members of this learned synod. The assembly first met uly 1, 1643, inHenry the Seventh's chapel, and continued to meet several years. Soon after the meeting of the assembly, a bond of union was agreed upon, entitled 44 A Solemn League and Covenant for Reformation, and Defence of Religion, the Honour and .Happiness of the King, and the Peace and Safety of the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Humphrey Hardwick. William Goad. Jasper Hickes, A.M. Lawricic. John Foxcroft, Gotham. John Bond, LL.D. Exeter. John Ward. Henry Hall, B.D. Norwich. Richard Byfield, A.M. Thomas Ford, A.M. Francis Woodcock, Cambridge. Tho. Thorowgood,,Massingliam. J. Jackson, Cambridge. Peter Clark, A.M. Carnaby. The Commissioners for Scotland were, Lord Maitland. Samuel Rutterford. Robert Baylie. Alexander Henderson. George Gillespie. The Scribes were, Henry Roborough. John Wallis, Adoniram Byfield. * Clarendon's Hist. vol. i. p. 415. + Sylvester's Life of Baxter, part i, p. 73. f Algernon Earl of Northumb. John White, esq. William Earl of Bedford. Bulstrode Whitlocke, esq. Philip Earl of Pembroke. Humphrey Sallway, esq. William Earl of Salisbury. Oliver St. John, esq. king's solicitor. Henry Earl of Holland. Mr. Serjeant Wild. Edward Earl of Manchester. Sir Benjamin Rudyard, knt. William Lord Viscount Say and Sele. John Pym, esq. Edward Lord Viscount Conway. Sir John Clotworthy, ant. Philip Lord Wharton. John Maynard, esq. Edward Lord Howard. Sir Henry Vane, junior, knt. John Selden, esq. William Pierpoltnt, esq. Francis Rouse, esq. William Wheeler, esq. Edmund Prideaux, esq. Sir Thomas Barrington, knt. Sir Henry Vane, senior, knt. Walter Young, esq. John.Glyn, esq, recorder of London. Sir John Evelin, knt.