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LIVES OF THE PURITANS. JANE TURNER erected this monument to the Memory of her beloved and pious husband. By the power of Christ they both overcame the world and the flesh, and now they triumph for ever. Turner, an honour to the healing art, And in religion he was truly great ; But envious death has snatched him from our eyes; We suffer loss, but Turner gains the prize. He died July 7, 1568. The Oxford historian, with an evident design to blacken his memory, says, he was conceited of his own worth, hot- headed, a busy body, and much addicted to the opinions of Luther, always refusingthe use of the ceremonies.' Fuller denominateshim a most excellent Latinist, Grecian, orator, and poet, and a most learned and zealous protestant.+ Mr. Strype styles him an eminent preacher, and says, he was greatly befriended by Sir John Cheke and Sir William Cecil.t He had a son called Peter, who became doctor of physic, a member of parliament in 1584, and a most zealous man in the cause of religion and his country. He died May 27, 1614, when his remains were interred in the chancel of theabove church. Dr. William Turner was a celebrated writer, especially against the papists. His Woaxs.-1. The Hunting of the Romish Fox, which more thanseven years bath beenhid among the Bishops of England, after that the King's Highness had commanded him (Turner) to be driven out of the Realm, 1543.-2. Avium prmcipaurum, quarum apud Plinum &Aristotelum mentio est, brevis & succincta historia, 1544.- 3. The Rescuing of the Romish Fox ; otherwise called the Exami- nation of the Hunter, devised by Stephen Gardiner, Doctor and Defender of the Pope's Canon Law, and his ungodly Ceremonies, 1545.-4. The Hunting the Romish Wolf, 154..-5. A Dialogue, wherein is contained the Examination of the Masse, and of that kind of Priesthood which is ordained to say Masse, 1549.-6. A new Herbal, wherein are contained the names of Herbs in Greek, Latin, English, Dutch, French, and in the Apothecaries and Herbaries, with their properties, 1551.-7. A Preservative, or Triacle against the Poyson of Pelagins, 1551.-8. A new Book of Spiritual Physick for divers Diseases of the Nobilitie and Gentlemen of England, 1555. -9. The Hunting of the Fox and the Wolf, because they did make Havockofthe Sheep of Jesus Christ,155 ..-10. A Bookof the Natures and Properties, as well of the Bathes of England, as of other Bathes in Germany and Italy, 1562.-11. A Treatise ofthe Bath at Barth in England, 1562.-12. Of the Nature of all Waters, 1562.-13. The 45 Wood's Vedic, vol. i. p. 120. + Worthies, part ii. p. 106. Strype's Lranmer, p. 274.