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146 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. " scheme of church government appears to be calculated for the overthrow of monarchy.". We are at a loss to say, whether this calumny discoversgreater ignorance or bigotry. The twofold charge is asserted without the least shadow of Gerard. When were you bound to appear ? White. At any time, I suppose, when I should be called. Gerard. You are now called : you must then answer. White. I acknowledge it, and am here to answer. L. C. J. Why will you not come to your parish church ? White. My lord, I did use to frequent my parish church before my troubles, and procured several godly men to preach there, as well as other places of preaching and prayer ; and since my troubles, I have not fre- quented any private assemblies, but, as I have had liberty, have gone to my parish church. Therefore, theywho have presented me, have done it, out of malice ; for if any of the things can be proved against me, or that I hold all thingscommon, your lordshipmay dismiss me from hence to the gallows. Gerard. You have not usually frequented your own church. White. I allow I have more usedother places,where I was better edified. Gerard. Then your presentation is in part true. White. Not so, if it please you ; for I am presented for not coming at all to my parish church. Gerard. Will you then come to prayers when there is no sermon ? White. I crave the liberty of a subject. But if I do not publicly frequent both preaching, prayer, and the sacraments, deal withme ac-, cord 'ugly. Master of the Rolls. You mustanswer yes or no. White. You know my mind, how that I would avoid those things which are a grief to me, an offence to others, and disturb the quiet state of the church. De.. You disobey the queen's laws. White. Not so, if it please you. Dean. Whatfault do you find in the common prayer ? White. Let them answer to whom it appertains ; for being in prison almost a whole year about these matters, I was indicted upon a statute relating to that book ; and before I came to liberty, abnost outlawed, as your worship Mr. Gerard knovveth. M. Requests. What scripture have you to ground your conscience upon against the. garments White. The whole scriptures are for destroying idolatry, and every thing belonging unto it. M. Requests. These things never served to idolatry. White. Shough t they are the same as those which heretofore were used, for that purpose. AL Requests. Where are they forbidden in scripture? White. In Deuteronomy and other places, the Israelites are commanded, not only to destroy the altars, groves, and images, with all thereto belonging, but also, to abolish the very names. And God by Isaiah corn- mandeth us not to pollute ourselves with the garments of the image, but to , cast them away as a menstruous clout. M. Rolls. These are no part ofidolatry, but arecommanded by the prince , for civil order; and if you will not be ordered you shew yourself disobedient to Pielaws. White. I wrould. not willingly disobey any law, only I would avoid, those things which are not warranted by the word of God. a Maddox's,Vindicafion, p. 210. 11