Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

HAWKINS.- 147: evidence, excepting what might arise in his lordship's episcopal imagination. Mr. Hawkins and several others had been beneficed ministers in London, but were now silenced and persecuted for nonconformity. The rest were Al. Requests. You disobey the queen's laws; for these things are corn inanded by act of parliament. Dean. Nay, you disobey God ; for God commandeth you to obey your prince. Therefore in disobeying her in these things, you disobey God. White. I do not avoid those things of contempt, but of conscience. In all other things I am an obedient subject. L. C.J. Thequeen's majesty was overseennot tomake thee of her COMICI to make laws and orders for religion. White. Not so, my lord. I am to obey laws warranted by Gad's word. L. C. J. Do the queen's laws command any thing against God's word? White. I do not say so, my lord. L. C. J. Yes, marry, you do; and there I will hold you. White. Only God and his laws are absolutely perfect. All men and their laws may err. L. C. J. This is one of Shaw's darlings. I tell thee what, I will not say, any thing of affection, for I know thee not, saving by this occasion ; thou art the wickedest, and most contemptuous person, that has come before me, since I sat in this commission. White. Not so, my Lord ; my conscience doth witness otherwise. M. Requests. What if the queen should command to wear a grey frize gown, would you then come to church ? White. That were more tolerable, than that God's ministers should wear the habit of his enemies. L. C. J. How if she should command them to wear a fool's coat and a cock'scomb ? White. That wereunseemly, my lord, for God's ministers. Dean. You will not be obedient to the queen's commands. White. I am, and will be, obedient. Requests. Yes, you say so. But bow are you obedient, when you will not do what she commantleth ? White. I would only avoid those things that have no warrant in the word of God, that are neither decent nor edifying, bat flatly the contrary, and condemned by the foreign reformed churches. M. Requests. Do the church and pews edify ? And because the papists used these ' will you, therefore, cast them away ? White. The church and pews, and such things, are both necessaryand profitable. Gerard. White, you were released, thinking you would be conformable, but you are worse than ever. White. Not so, if it please you. L. C. J. He would have no laws. White. If there were no laws, I would live like a christian, and do no wrong, though I received wrong. L. C. J. Thou an a rebel. White. Not so, my lord ; a true subject. L. C. J. Yea, I swear by God, thou art a veryrebel ; for thou wouldst draw thy sword, and lift up thy hand against thy prince, if time served. White. My lord, I thank God, my heart standeth right towards God and my prince ; and God will not condemn, though your honour bath so judged. L. C, J. Take him away.