Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

AXTON. 155 A. I will allege one reason more. We ought to be without offence to the Jew, to the Gentile, and to the church of God. But our wearing the surplice is an offence to the Jew, and the Gentile, (meaning the papists) and the church of God. Therefore we ought not to wear the surplice. B. How will you be an offence to the papists by wearing the surplice ? A. By offence, the apostle does not mean to grieve, but to be an occasion to another to sin. But if I wear the surplice, I shall be an occasion or encouragement to the papists to sin. Therefore I may not wear it. B. How will you be an offence to the church of God? You perhaps may be to three or four ; but you must regard the greater part. A. I should be an offence to the greater part, and the lesser part, and all the church of God. B. How do you prove that? A. I should be an offence to the lesser part, being those who are effectually called, because their souls are exceed. inglygrieved with those who do wear it. And to the greater part, being such as are beginning to dislike popery, and follow true religion; who, by wearing it, would be ready to give up their zeal, and return to popery. B. You must teach them to hate popery, though you wear the surplice. A. If I teach them one thing, and I myselfdo the contrary, how will they believe me ? You know most people look moreat our doings, thanour doctrine.-Hitherto I have given my reasons against wearing the surplice ; if you have any reasons to chew why I should wear it, let me hear a few of the best. Barker. That which doth not offend in its institution, matter, form, or use, is not to be refused. But the surplice doth not offend in its institution, matter, form, or use. Therefore it may not be refused. A. Your reasoning is not good. You must first prove that the surplice has not been abused, and is not offensive, then will you conclude better. Walton. If nothing may be used in the church, that has been abused to idolatry, then the pulpits, and even the churches, of the papists, may not be used. A. This, in effect, bath been already answered. Prove that the surplice is as useful as the pulpit and the church, and you will do something.