Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

I56 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. Chancellor. Then you deny that the prince hath any authority to command things indifferent. A. You have said more than I have done all day. Your unjust charge is contrary to what I have said. I wonder you can charge me so falsely to my face. B. You run to your former distinction. A. It is not my distinction, but Tertullian's ; and it is that distinction which you will never be able to condemn. I trust I have now confirmed the truth, and skewed sufficient reason why I may not wear the surplice, there being no reason why I should. B. No, indeed! your reasons are no reasons.. A. They are such as have not yet been answered, and I am persuaded, will not be answered. I am not afraid that all these things should be made known, that the learned may judge. C. Yes, you would have them in print, would you not ? A. I thought of no such thing. But, as a witness for the truth, I am not ashamed that these things should undergo the examination of the learned and the godly.. The second conference was about the use and significa- tion of the cross in baptism. Upon Mr. Axton's appearance before the bishop and others, being required todeliver his opinion, he spoke as follows A. Nothing may be added to the institution of Christ: as, I have receivedof the Lord, that which also I delivered unto you. But the cross in baptism is an addition to the institution of Christ. Therefore the cross in baptism is unlawful. B. The necessary parts of the sacrament are to be retained ; but whether the water be poured upon the child's forehead, or it be marked with a cross, being ceremonial, is left to the determination of the church. A. If you produce as good warrant from the word, for the crossing of the child, as I can for the washing of it, then I will grant that the church has authority's° to deter- mine. But such warrant cannot be produced. Besides, we havejust reason to leave out thecross, because papistsabuse it to superstition and idolatry, and in itself it is entirely useless. C. Do you then say it is a sin to make any cross ? A. It is no sin in the carpenter, the mason, or the mathe- MS. Register, p.