Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

162 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. C. How do you like my lord's book ofarticles. A. Some of the articles approach near to the institution of the apostles, but the best of them appear to be very little practised. B. I admit none to the ministry but those who have a recommendation from some nobleman- or gentleman. A. You had need beware of breaking, the institution of God. This door being opened, will admit thieves and robbers. The Lord give you a sound conscience to keep hirelings out of the church of God. B. Well, Mr. Axton, you must yield in some things to sue, and I will yield in some things to you. I will not trouble you about thecross inbaptism, ifyou will sometimes wear the surplice. A. I cannot consent to wear the surplice : it is against my conscience. I trust, by the help of God, I shall never put on that sleeve which is the mark of thebeast. B. Will you leaveyour flock for the surplice ? A. Nay : Will you persecute me from my flock for the surplice ? I love my flock in Jesus Christ, and had rather have my right arm cut off than be removed from them. B. Well, I will not deprive you at this time. A. I beseech you consider what you do in removing me from my flock, seeing I am not come in, at the window, nor by simony, but according to the institution of Jesus Christ... The second day's conference concluded as above, when Mr. Axton was taken away, the bishop requiring his future attendance. Accordingly, upon his appearance at the time appointed, he underwent a third examination concerning the use of instrumental music in the public worship of God, and obedience to the queen's laws, with some other things.. Being questioned about the use of organs inpublic worship, he replied as follows : A . They are Jewish, and not to be used in christian congregations. Bickley. Did not David command organs and cymbals to be used? A. That command was ceremonial, and is abrogated. Bickley. You will then abrogate singing in the church, because David and the Jews sung. A. Piping with instruments is abolished. Bickley. How do you prove that ? A. Because our joy in public worship must be more MS. Register, p. 37-50.