Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

AXTON. 163 spiritual than that of the Jews ; and it is said, that in the time of the gospel, all shall sing praises unto God. Bickley. The organs are used before the prince. A. That does not prove them to be lawful. Bickley. The organs are used before the prince, and therefore they are lawful. The argument is good. A. Do you then reason, that the cross in churches is lawful, becauseit used to stand before the prince ?- Bickley. As it stood before the prince, it might have been lawfully used. A. From what you say, tapers, and lights, and nearly all the trash of popery, may still be lawfully used. Bickley. If you had the cross on which Christ died, would you say it was of no use ? A. After the crucifixion of Christ, as well as before, the cross on which he diedwas the same as any other piece of wood. B. .But, in refusing the surplice, you are disloyal to the queen, and shew your contempt of her.laws. A. In charging me-with disloyalty, you do me great injury; and especially when you call me and my brethren traitors, and say, that we are more troublesome subjectsthan papists. B. I say the same still. The papists are afraid to stir but you are presumptuous, and disquiet the state more than papists. A. If I, or any others who fear God, speak the truth, doth this disquiet the state? The papists for twelve years have been plotting treason against the queen and the gospel, yet this cloth not grieve you. But I protest in the presence of God and you all, that I am a true and faithful subject to her majesty. I pray daily, both in public and private, for her safety, for her long and prosperous reign, and for the overthrow of all her enemies, especially the papists. I do profess myself an enemy to her enemies, and a friend to her friends. If, therefore, you have any conscience, cease to charge me with disloyalty to myprince. B. Seeing you refuse to wear the surplice, which her majesty hath commanded, you do in effect deny her to be supreme governess in all causes ecclesiastical and temporal. A. I do so far admit her majesty's supremacy, that if there be any error among the governors of the church, she has power to reform it : but I do not admit her to be an ecclesiastical elder, or church governor. .13. Yes, but she is, and bath full power and authority all