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46 INTRODECTION'. " and that he himself will use the same, and none other, in "public prayer and administration of the sacraments. 3. ,4 That he alloweth the book of articles, agreed upon " in the convocation holden at London in 1562, and set " forth by her majesty's authority ; and he believe all the " articles therein contained to be agreeable to the word " of God.". These were called Whitgift's articles, because he was their principal author. Subscription to them was required for marry years, without the warrant of any statute or canon whatsoever. By Whitgift'sstrict imposition of them upon all ministers, multitudes who refused to comply were sus- pended and deprived. They would most cordially have subscribed to the first and third, but could not in conscience subscribe, " That the Book of Common Prayer and Ordi- nation contained nothing contrary to the word of God,"t These proceedings excited universal alarm, and great num- bers of worthy ministers were brought under the eccle- siastical censure. Sixty-four ministers were suspended in the county of Norfolk, sixty in Sullblk,t thirty in Sussex, thirty-eight in Essex, twenty in Kent, and twenty-one in Lincolnshire. Among those in the county last mentioned, were Messrs. Charles Bingham, vicar of Croft, John Somerscales of Beseby, Joseph Gibson of Swaby, William Muming, vicar of Claxby, Reignald Grome of Thedilthorp o Strype's Whitgift, p. 115, 116. 4 MS. Register, p. 513. t The names of those suspended in Suffolk, were the fallowing, forty- four of the last being suspended on one day ;-Nicholas Bound, minister of Norton ; Richard Grandish, A. 31. rector of Bradfield ; Lowrance Whitaker, A. B. rector of Bradfield ; Richard Holden, A. B. rector of Testock ; Gaulter Allen, B. D. of Rushbrook ; Reignald Whitfield, A. M. of Barrow;Thomas Rogers of Horningsheath ; Anthony Rowe of Hedgesset; Thomas Warren William Cook; William Holden ; Nicholas Bonnington, rector of Chettisham John Tylmen, A. M. of Borgholt ; Richard Howe, A. M. vicar of Stratford ; John Carter, A. M. vicar of Bramford ; Martin, Brige, A. M. vicar of Brettenham ; Henry Sandes of Boxford ; Jolla Holden, rector of Bildeston ; Thomas Cramhawe, A. M. rector of Boxted ; Peter Cook, curate to Mr. Cranshawe ; John Knewstubs, RD. rector of Cockfield; William Hey, rector of Hedging; John Aulthroppe of Sud- bury ; Robert Ballard, A. B. rector of Clare: Lowrance Fairclough, vicar of Haverhil ; John Ward ; Nicholas Egleston, rector of Stradshill ; William Turner, rector of Wratting-Parva; Robert Prick of Denham; Thomas Sutton, A. M. rector of Eriswell ; Josias Hallington, Edmund Salmon, Thomas Jeffraye, Thomas Wattis, Mr. Phillips, Roger Nutle, Roger Geffrey, JohnSmith, John Forthe, Thomas Moore, William Browne, John Cooper, William Flemming, Robert Sweete, William Bentloc ' John Smith, Thomas Hagas, Daniel Dennis, George Webb, William Bend, John English, Thomas Fowle, Robert Cotsford, Richard King, Mr. Lovell, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Pigge, Mr. Hill, Mr. Smith, and Dr. Crick.-MS. Register, p. 437.