Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

UDAL. 3 thirty-six in number ; but too long for insertion.. They contain the charges which certain ill-disposed persons, in the parish of Kingston, brought against him to the high commission. His answers, indeed, furnished the commis- sioners with sufficient matter for animadveision, when he underwent his next examination. October 17th he was convened before the high commission, at Lambeth; when Archbishop Whitgift, the Bishops of Winchester and Hereford, Dr. Aubery, Dr. Lewin, Dr. Cosin, Mr. Hartwell, and others, were present. Upon the reading of the articles and his answers, they made their remarks as follows : Archbishop. Youare not to judge, Mr. Udal, whowalk disorderly ; nor account any so to do, till it be proved. U. How shall I count him to do otherwise, who giveth himself up to notorious sins ; and after being admonished, not only amendeth not, but goeth on more stubborn than before ? B. You must do more than that. U. You mean, we must present them ; and sowe have done several; but presentment is ofno use. A. You must expect what will follow, and not appoint your own time. U. We may do this long enough before we see any redress, so long as things are managed thus. I have seen malefactors presented two or three years ago, but of whose trials we have heard nothing. A. You say, Christ is the only archbishop. Why do you not call him arch-pastor and arch-shepherd ? U. As I am at liberty to call the ministers of Christ by those title given them by the Holy Ghost, as pastors, shepherds, and watchmen ; so, I think, I may Jesus Christ. A. No, no; the archbishop was in your way, and it troubled you to think of him. But there will be an archbishop when you shall be no preacher at Kingston. B. The rest of that article is sophistical, or like Apollo the oracle. U. Perhaps I have taken some advantage ofthe words, and not answered according to the meaning thereof, as the law requireth. A. Those elders of which you speak, were bishops, and not any other. U.- In 1 Cor. xii. governors are mentioned as distinct from teachers. MS. Register, p. 774-778.