Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

LIVES OF THE PURITANS. A. That is meant of civil governors, and not of a company of unlearned, simple men, as you would have it. U. The apostle there speaketh of those who were ordained in the church. But it is of no use to dispute these matters in this place. A. When you say, that pastors may do nothing by their own discretion, but only by the direction of the word of God, you say true; but in this, you strike at something else. B. Many things are lawful, and may be done, that have no direct warrant from the word. U. If that can be proved, it is sufficient, and agreeable to my answer. B. What occasion had you to speak of such matters as officers, orders, canons, &c. ? U. I have not chosen those subjects on purpose, and have spoken upon them only as they came in my way. This I must do, or I could not declare all the council of God. Dr. Cosin. That you will never do while you live. U. But I must deliver as much as I know. A. It is because youwould rail against authority. B. Why do you wish that the public service were abridged? It may all be read in three quarters of an bour. U. But I have known it, with other business to be done before sermon, to last about two hours. A. They who are wearied with it, areyour scholars, who can away with nothing but your sermons. U. My scholars never keep out till the sermon begins; but if any of them be weary of the service, I never taught them so to be. A. All the service might be read well enough; but you will stand in your vain repetitions, both in your prayers and your sermons, and make no account of so doing. U. I pray you have a better opinion of me, unless you know that what you say is true. A. Nay, I speak not of you alone, but all of your sort : this is your manner. Why should you preach, that some persons make but small account of sermons ? U. Because I know it to be true. B. Though persons may have been of that mind, they may be altered. A. When you spoke of Christ's descent into hell, that which you said is most absurd.