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6 'LIVES OF THE PURITANS. and willingness, by which he may be able to communicate his knowledge to others. B. He may catechise. U. That is not sufficient. B. You say it was not made the office of a minister to bury the dead, till the time of popery. In this you lie, sir. A. It appeareth that ministers did bury the dead in the time of Jerome, which was within four hundred years of Christ. U. Popery began before Jerome's time. B. That is untrue ; nor many years after. Herein you shew what knowledge you have. U. I boast not of my knowledge ; yet what I say is true. For doth not St. Paul say, that the mystery of iniquity began to work even in his time ? And all approved writers expound this of the kingdom of antichrist. C. Mr. Hartwell, he is beholden to you; for your reason will help him to overthrow Mr. Jewel's challenge. U. Not a whit. For Jewel's challenge concerns only certain points of popery, and this is none of them. Popery was long a patching together, and is still going forwards at this day. A. Why may not many persons as well pray together aloud, as sing psalms. U. Because the one hath better warrant from the word of God, than the other. B. Ah, sirrah ! You wish you had allured ten times more disciples to Christ than you have done. Dr. Aubery. Had you then your license from me ? U. No ; I had nothing from you, except the parchment and the wax. C. He answereth you foolishly. U. It is not so. I speak thus to shew the meaning of what I said the last time I was here, with which the idle by- standers made themselves sport. A. What was that ? U. I say, I took myself to be as lawfully licensed to preach as any man could be. For my sufficiency was approved by the archbishop, and I had no more from his officers than as I said. Aub. I remember not that you had any thing of me. U. I have it to shew ; and it is no counterfeit.