Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

UDAL. 7 A. In speaking upon confirmation, 'which is doubtless still profitable, did you teach the right use of that office? U. I taught that which the text afforded me. B. My lord, he hath, indeed, great injury done him, if the charges be not true. Let -a commissioner be sent to examine witnesses. A. You had best name some yourself, Mr. Udal. U. I will name for one, Mr. Thomas Vincent, A. He is thought to be too partial toyour side. U. Then I will name Mr. WilliamWalter, the younger. A. He may be too partial also. U. You may appoint two of my greatest foes, so that I may have my friends, who will deal uprightly; but if these may not be admitted, I will appoint none, A. Stand aside. We will consult of this matter, Upon their consultation, they concluded to appoint no fresh witnesses ; but to have those who were present brought forwards. It was very remarkable, that the man who had lodged the information against Mr. Udal, and who meant to have appeared as a witness against him, was, at this very juncture, seized with a dreadful disease, of which he pre,. sently died. His case was, therefore, deferred for some time. The Countess of Warwick applied to the archbishop, who gave order for Mr, Udal to appear before him ; but he had to wait upon his lordship four different times, before he could obtain any satisfactory answer. At length, he attended while the commissioners were sitting, when they proceeded as follows : A. Mr. Beadle, is there any thing written down in proof of those articles ? Beadle. If it please your grace, the man who should have followed this matter, is dead. A. Is he of the guard, dead ? U. Yes, he is dead ; but I wish, if it had been the will of God, that he might have lived longer; both that it might have appeared what he could prove against me, and that he might have had time to repent of his sin. But God is just, and knoweth what hehath done. A. My lord of Winchester, here is a copy of the articles. Deal you with him. U. I pray you let, it not be deferred, but an end made one way or other, that I may take some course with the living. A. You may take what, course you please, Who hindereth you ?