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10 LIVES OF THE, PURITANS. to Newcastle, where his ministerial labours, during his continuance, were greatly blessed to many souls. But Mr. Udal had not been there above a year, (the plague being in the town all the time, which carried off two thousand of its inhabitants,) when, by an order from the privy council, he was sent for to London. He immediately obeyed the summons, and appeared at Lord Cobham's house, January 13, 1589. The commissioners present were Lord Cobham, Lord Buckhurst, Lord Chief Justice Anderson, the Bishop of Rochester, Dr. Aubery, Dr. Lewin, Mr. Fortesque, and Egerton the solicitor. The lord chief justice then entered upon his examination in the following manner : Anderson. How long have youbeen at Newcastle ? Udal. About a year, if it please your lordship. A. Why went you fromKingston-upon-Thames ? U. Because I was silenced there, and was called to. Newcastle. Bishop. What calling had you thither? U. The people made means to my lord of Huntingdon, who sent methither. B. Had you the allowance of the bishop of the diocese ? U. At that time, there was none. A. You are called hither to answer concerning certain books, which are thought to be ofyour making. U. If it be for any of Martin's books, I have already answered, and am ready so to do again. A. Where have you answered, and in what manner ? U. At Lambeth, a year and a half ago, I cleared myself not to be the author, nor to knowwho he was. A. Is this true, Mr. Beadle ? Beadle. I have heard that there was such a thing, but I was not there, if it please your lordship. Aubery and Lewin. There was such a thing, my lord's grace told us. U. I am the hardlier dealt with, to be fetchedup so far, at this timeof the year. I have had a journey, .I would not wish unto my enemy. B. You may thank your own dealing for it. A. But you are to answer concerning otherbooks. U. I hope your lordshipwill not urge me to any others, seeing I was sent for about those. A. You must answer to others also : What say you of " A Demonstration" and " A Dialogue ?" did you not make them ?