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UDAL. 9 Mr. Udal, having departed, communicated an account of these transactions to his friends, and the Countess of Warwick sent a messenger to the bishop for a decisive answer. Therefore, by her godly and zealous importunity, his lordship sent for Mr. Udal, when he thus addressed him : B. I am to restore you, Mr. Udal, to your former place of preaching ; yet I must admonish you to refrain from speaking against things by law established. For, surely, if you give occasion to be again deprived, no subject in England shall obtain your restoration. U. Surely, "I have not at any time, purposely said any thing tending thereunto. But I may never conceal the truth which my text offereth me. B. We had need walk warily. Things are out of square. There is much inquiry where is the cause. Some blame us bishops ; but God knowethwhere the blame is. I think it is in the controversy among ourselves. U. So do I. But in whom is the cause ofthe controversy, I shall not now dispute. I came for another purpose. B. Take heed you do not triumph over your enemies. This will create greater variance and dissention. . U. If I should be restored, I am determined to pass it over in silence, and leave my enemies to their maker and judge. I must sutler greater things than these for Christ's sake. B. Well, this is all I have to say to you at this time. Mr. Udal then departed, having obtained his liberty to continue preaching ; for which he blessed and praised God, and prayed that these troubles might be over-ruled for the advancement of God's glory, and the further prosperity of his church.. Thus, after much trouble and expense, with the loss of much time, this learned and excellent divine was restored to his ministry. About the same time, he united with his brethren in subscribing the 4, Book of Discipline."+ His troubles, however, were not ended. In the year 1588, he was again suspended and deprived ofhis living. Having received the ecclesiastical censure a second time; the inha- bitants of Newcastle-upon-Tyne prevailed upon the Earl of Huntingdon, lord president of the north, to send him to preach the word of life among them. Therefore, being driven from his living and his flock at Kingston, he went MS. Register, p. 772-781. f Neal's Puritans, eel. i. p. 423.