Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

GREENWOOD. 27 without warrant, Mr. Greenwoodand Mr. Francis Johnson, whom they carried, between one and two o'clock at night, to the Compter in Wood-street. Mr. Edward Boys, the owner of the house, remained a prisoner till the next day ; B. I will know what I swear to, before I swear. A. Swear first ; and then, if any thing unlawfully be demanded, you shall not answer. B. I have not learned so to swear. I will first know and consider of the matter, before I takean oath.-Here the archbishop commandedDr. Casino to record, "That Mr. Barrow refused to swear upon a book." B. Yes, and set down that I will not answer thanat random ; but I will first know and consider of the things I swear to, whether they require an oath. A. Well, when were you at church ? B. That is nothing to you. A. You are a schismatic, a recusant, and a seditious person. B. Say what you will of me, I freely forgive you. A. I care not for your forgiveness. B. But if you offend me, you ought to seek it, whilst you are in the way with me. A. When were you at church ? B. I have answered that already: it belongeth not to you. A. Are you indicted ? B. I am. A. It belongeth to us, and I will not only meddle with you, but arraign you before me as an heretic. B. You shall do no more than God will. Err I may ; but an heretic I will never he. A. Will you hereafter come to church ? B. Future things are in the Lord's hands. If I do not, you have a law. A. Have you spoken this of the church of England ? B. When you have produced your witness, I will answer. A. Upon your oath, I will believe you. B. But I will not accuse myself. A. You are lawless. B. I had rather you produced your witness. A. What occupation are you of ? B. I am a Christian. A. So are we all. . B. I deny that. A. Are you a minister ? B. No. A. Are you a schoolmaster ? B. No. A. Then what trade are you ? B. In your letter, you know my trade-in the subscription. A. You are then a gentleman. B. After the manner of our country, a gentleman. A. Do you serve any man ? B. No, I am God's freeman. A. I-lave you any lands ? B. No, nor fees. A. How do you live? B. By God's goodness, and my friend's. A. Where dwelleth he, in Norfolk ? B. Yes. A. Where dwell you, in London ?