Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

GREENWOOD. 1599., Mr. Greenwood and his companion. Mr. Barrow, had been confined at least four or, five years in close prison, with miserable usage.* Mr. Greenwood,. as well as Mr. Barrow, underwent a worship of the established church is idolatry. - That the ministry is idolatrous and antichristian.-That the archbishop, and all the bishops in the land, are antichrists.-That all the ministers in the land are thieves, murderers, hirelings, and hypocrites. - That Mr. Wigginton and Mr. Cartwright strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.-That he condemneth all writers, as Calvin, Beza, &c. and saith, that all catechisms are idolatrous, and not to he used." Bishop of London. How say you, Mr. Deanof Paul's, here is for you. You have written a catechism. A. This fellow deals indifferently, and makes us all alike. Thus far I havesatisfied you. Now you know what you shall s wear to. How say you ? will you now swear ? Bp. My lord's grace doth shew this favour to many. A. Fetch a book. B. It is needless. A. Why, will you not swear now ? B. An oath is a matter of great importance, and requireth great con- sideration. But I will answer you truly. Much of the matter in this bill is true. But the form is false. A. Go to, sirrah, answer directly. Will you swear ? Reach him a book. B. There is morecause to swear mine accuser. I will not swear. A. Where is his keeper ? You shall not prattle here. Away with him. Clap him up close, close let no man come to him. I wilt make him tell another tale, ere I have done with him. Mr. Barrow was then immediately carried again to prison, where he re- mained in close confinement till March 24th following; when hewas brought before the two Lord Chief Justices, the Lord Chief Baron, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Bishops of London and Winchester, and many others. Upon his appearance, he was commanded to lay his hand upon the Bible, which led to the following conversation B. For what end must I do this ? A. To swear. B. I have not learned to swear by any creatures. A. This is theword of Gott, theBible. B. The book is not the eternal God himself, by whomonly I must swear, and not by any booksor bibles. A. So you shall swear by God. B. To what purpose then is the book urged ? I may swear by nothing besides him, and by nothing with him. Bishop of Winchester. flow prove you that ? B. It is so commanded in the book of the law, Deut. vi. 10., and no expounded by several of the prophets, by Jesus Christ himself, and his apostles. A. Well, will you swear that you will answer nothing but the truth, and the whole truth, to such interrogatoriesas we shall demand of you ? B. I will know thematter, before I either swear oranswer. A. Set down, that he will not swear. L. C. Justice. You shall only swear to answer to the truth. If any unlawful thing bedemandedof you, you need not answer. B. My lord, every truth requireth not an oath. An oath requireth .Strype's Annals, vol. ir. p. 95,-96.