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SO LIVES OF THE PURITANS. close examination, He appeared at London palace, before the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishops of London and Winchester, the two Lord Chief Justices, the Lord Chief Baron, the Master of the Rolls, and others. Upon his great regard and reverence, and being designed for confirmation, ought to be the end of all strife. My lord, if I should err, and deliver it upon my oath for truth, it wouldbe a double sin. And if ishould either not know, not remember,or not deliver the whole truth, Ishould, by such arash oath, be forsworn. But, by God's grace, I will answer nothing but the truth. A. A christian man's word ought to be as true as his oath. We will then proceed with you withoutyour oath. What say you to this question ? Is it lawful to say the Pater-noster publicly, as a prayer in the church, or privately, or not ? B. I knew not what you mean by your Pater-noster, unless you perad- venturemean the form of prayer which our Saviour taught his disciples, commonlycalled the Lord's prayer. A. So I mean. The following articles of inquiry were then proposed to Mr. Barrow, to which he gave the answers annexed. 1. May the Lord's prayer be used in the church ? In my opinion it is rather a summary than an enjoined form ; and not findingit used by the apostles, I think it may not be constantly used. 2. May liturgies or forms of prayer be used in the church ? In the word of God, I find no authority given to any man to impose them upon the church ; and it is, therefore, high presumption to impose them. 3. Is the Common Prayer idolatrous, superstitious, and popish ? In my opinion, it is. 4. Are the sacraments of thechurch of England true sacraments ? As they are publicly administered,they are not true sacraments. 5. Are the laws and government of the church of England unlawful and antichristian ? As the decrees and canons of the church are so numerous, I cannot judge of all ; but many of them, and the ecclesiastical courts and governors, are unlawful and antichristian. 6. Are such as have been baptized in the church of England rightly baptized ? or should they be baptized again They are not baptized according to the institution of Christ ; yet they may not need it again. 7. Is the church of England the true church of Christ ? As it is now formed, it is not ; yet there are many excellent christians in it. 3. Is the queen supreme governor of the church, andmay she make laws for it ? The queen is supreme governor of the whole land, and over the church, bodiesand goods ; but may not make any other laws for the church of Christ, than he bath left in his word. 9. Is it lawful forthe prince to alter thejudicial lawof Moses ? I cannot see it lawful for any one to alter the least part of that law, without doing injury to the moral law, and opposing the will of God. 10. May a private person reform the church, if the prince neglect it ? No private personsmay reform the state, but they ought to abstain from all unlawful things commanded by the prince. 11. Ought every particular church of Christ to have a presbytery ? The government of the church of Christ belongeth not to the ungodly, " but every particular church ought to have.att eldership. After giving these answers, he was sent back to prison, where he was closely confined, no one being allowed to see hln,,ar speak to him. And