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SHEPARD. 105 labours who goes idly up and down all the week, and then goes into his study on a Saturday afternoon. God knows that we have not too much time to pray in, and weep in, and get our hearts into a fit frame for the duties of the sabbath." Mr. Shepard's great care and attention to the duties of the pastoral office will appear from the following extracts col- lected from his diary August 15, 1641, I saw four evils," says he, " attending my ministry.-1. The devil treads me down by shame, discouragement, and an apprehension of the unsavoury spirits of the people.-2. I am become too care- less, because I have done well, and have been enlarged and respected.-3. Weakness and infirmities : as the want of light, life, and spirit. -4. The want of success.-I saw these things, and have cause to be humbled for them. I have this day found my heart heavy, depressed, and untoward, by musing upon the many evils to come. But I was comforted, by recollecting, that though inmyself I ama dying, condemned sinner, I am alive and reconciled by Christ; that I am unable to do any thing of myself, yet by Christ I can do all things ; and that though I enjoy all these only in part in this world, I shall shortly have them in perfection in heaven. " March 19, 1642; I said, as pride was my sin, so shame would be my punishment. I had many fears of Eli's punish- ment, for not sharply reproving sin. Here I considered that the Lord may make one good man a terror, and a dreadful example, that all the godly may fear, and not slight his com- mands as Eli did. " October loth. When I saw gifts and honours conferred upon others, I began to affect their excellencies. The Lord therefore humbled me, by letting me see, that all this was diabolical pride. And he made me thankful for seeing it, putting me in mind to watch against it in future." His very humble and contrite spirit will appear from the following extracts, written on days of special fasting and prayer :-" November 3rd. I saw sin to be my greatest evil; and that I am vile ; but God is good, against whom I have sinned. I sawwhat cause I had to loathe myself. It was a good day to me. I went to God, and trusted in him. I considered whether all the country did not fare the worse for my sins. I saw it did, and was deeply humbled. " April 4th. May not I be the cause of the church's pre- sent sorrows ? My heart bath been long at a distance from the Lord. The Lord first sent a terrible storm at sea; and my deliverance, in being snatched from apparent death, was