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122 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. unbecoming in this critical juncture. " Many," says Fuller, " condemned his want of charity, but more his want of discretion.". Mr. Love was appointed one of the assembly of divines ; when he became minister of St. Lawrence Jewry, London ; and is said to have been chosen to the pastoral office at St. Ann's, Aldersgate-street,where he had before been chosen lecturer:* He united with the London ministers in declaring against the king's death.* He was afterwards engaged in a conspiracy which cost him his life ; and as he was a principal sufferer on account of this plot, it was called Love's plot. It was formed by a number of gentlemen and ministers, and designed to raise money by private contribution, to forward the expedition of CharlesII. into England ; but the vigilance of the commonwealth discovered and defeated the object. The principal .persons concerned in this affair, were some disbanded officersWho had served the parliament in the wars : as, Majors Adams, Alford, and Huntingdon Colonels Vaughan, Sowton, Titus, Jackson, Bains, and ; ; and Captains Adams, Potter, Far, Massey, and Starks, and Mr. Gibbons. The ministers were Dr. Drake, and Messrs. Case, Watson, Heyrick, Jenkin, Jackson, Jacque', Robinson, Cawton, Nalson, Haviland, Blackmore, and Love. These had their private assemblies at the houses of Major Adams, Colonel Barton, and Mr. Love; and held a correspondence with the king, who desired them to send commissioners to Breda to further his designs, and he would sufficiently reward them when God should restore him to his kingdoms. But so large a confederacy could not easily be concealed from the watchful eyes of the new government, which had its spies in all places. Major Adams being apprehended on suspicion, was the first who discovered the conspiracy to the council of state. Upon his information, warrants were issued for apprehending most of the above persons ; but several absconded and withdrew from the storm. The ministers who were apprehended, were Dr. Drake, and Messrs. Jenkin, Jackson, Robinson, Watson, 'Blackmore, Haviland, and Love ; but seven of them, petitioning for mercy, and pro- mising submission to the government in future, were released. But Mr. Love and Mr. Gibbons were made public examples, as a'terror to others. Mr. Love was brought before a new high court of justice Fuller's Church Hist. b. ti. p. 214. + Sloane's N' SS. No. 8945. Calainy's Conlin. vol. ii. p. '744.