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130 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. only glorify thy body and soul in heaven, but he will also make the memoryof thee to be glorious on earth! " 0, let not one troubled thought for thy wife and babes rise within thee! thy God will be our God and our portion. He will be a husband to thy widow, and a father to thy children : the grace of thy God will be sufficient for us. "Now, my dear, I desirewillingly and cheerfully to resign my right in thee to thy Father and myFather, who hath the greatest interest in thee : and confident I am, though men have separated us for a time, yet Godwill ere long bring us together again, wherewe shall eternally enjoy one another, never to part more! " 0, let me hear how God bears up thy heart, and let me taste of those comforts which support thee, that they may be as pillars of marble to bear up my sinking spirit! I can write no more. Farewell, farewell, my dear, till we meet where we shall never bid farewell more ; till which time I leave thee in the bosom of a loving, tender-hearted Father; and so I rest, " Till I shall for ever rest in heaven, "MARY LOVE." This excellent letter discovers the same triumph over the world in Mrs. Love, which her husband so happily ex- perienced. She was not only surrounded by their three children, but with child of a fourth ; yet she passed over this circumstance in silence; and though'formerly weak in grace, yet she now enjoyed strong confidence and great comfort, and animated her husband by the most encourag- ing considerations. Thus, " by faith, out of weakness, she was made strong." The next morning, being the day on 'which he suffered, Mr. Love returned her the following farewell epistle : " My most gracious beloved, " I am now going from a prison to a palace. I have finished my work ; I am now to receive my wages. I am going to heaven, where there are two of my children ; and leaving thee onearth, where there are three of my babes : those two above need not any care ; but the three below need thine. It comforts me to think two of my children are in the bosom of Abraham, and three of them will be in the arms and care of so tender and godly a mother ! I know thou art a woman of a sorrowful spirit, yet be comforted. Though thy sorrows be great for thyhusband's going out of the world, yet thy pains shall be the less in bringing