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138 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. nor proudly, but with great alacrity and cheerfulness, as if he had been going to bed.". Dr. Manton, who attended Mr. Love upon the scaffold, who preached his funeral sermon, and who knew him much better than the historians who have aspersed his character, says, "'He was a man eminent in grace, of a singular life and conversation, and a pattern of piety most worthy of imitation."+ Another writer, who was intimately acquainted with him, gives an excellent account of his christian character and his minis- terial qualifications and usefulness; and adds :-" In all his relations, as a minister, a christian, a subject, a husband, a friend, and a father, he served his generation on the earth, and made a swift progress in his way to heaven. He lived too much in heaven to live long out of heaven ; and sure I am that he lived a life of heaven upon earth. His fellowship was with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ."t His WORKS.-1. The Debauched Cavalier, 1642.-2. England's Distemper, 1645. This is the Sermon preached at Uxbridge.- 3. Short and 'plain Animadversions on some Passages in Mr. Dell's Sermon before the House of Commons, 1646.-46. Answer to an Unlicensed Pamphlet, 1647.-5. A Vindication of England's Dis- temper, 1651.-0. Love's Case, 1651. -7. Love's Trial, 1651.- 8. Love's Advocate, 1651.-9. A Full Narration of the late Dan- gerous Design against the State, 1651.-10. HisSpeech and Prayer upon the Scaffold on Tower-bill, 1651.-11. The Truth, and Growth, and different Degrees of Grace, 1652.-12. A Sermon at the Funeral of Mrs. B., 1652. Thiswas the last sermon he preached.-13. Heaven's Glory Hell's Terror, 1653. -14. The Soul's Cordial, 1653.-15. A Treatise of Election and Effectual Calling, 1653.-16. Scripture-rules to be observed in Buying and Selling, 1653.-17. The trueDoctrine of Mortification and Sincerity, in Opposition to Hypocrisy, 1654.- 18. Combat between the Flesh and Spirit, 1654.-19. The Sum or Substance of Practical Divinity, 1654. -20. The Christian's Directory, 1654.-21. The Dejected Soul's Cure, 1657.-22. The Ministry of the Angels to the Heirs of Salvation, 1657,-23. The Omnipresence of God, 1657.-24. The Sinner's Legacy to his Posterity, 1657,- 25. The Penitent Pardoned, 1657.-26. A Discourse of Christ's Ascension and Coming to Judgment, 1657.-27. The natural Man's Case stated, 1658.-Many of the above articles were published after the author's death; and some of them came forth with the high commendations of his brethren. * Clarendon and Whitlocke Compared, p. 301 + Manton's Funeral Sermon for Mr. Love.-This sermon is entitled, The Saint's Triumph over Death." The government, understanding that Dr. Manton intended topreach Mr. Love's funeral sermon, expressed some displeasure, and the soldiers threatened to shoot him. However, he war not to be terrified by such dangers, but preached it at Mr. Love's church in Lawrepce-Jewry, to a numerous congregation.-Palmer's Noncon. Mum. p. 427. t Sloane's MSS. No. 3945.