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P. YOUNG. 145 ThiS, in all probability, was the same person.. Mr. Vicars died August 12, 1652, aged seventy-two years. His re- mains were interred in the church of Christ-church hospital, and overhis, grave was a large monumental inscrii which, with the church, was destroyed by the conflagration in 1666. His Woaxs.-1. A Prospective Glass to look into Heaven; or, the Celestial Canaan Described, 1618.-2. The Soule's Sacred Solilo- quie, 1618.-3. England's Hallelujah ; or, Great Britain's grateful Retribution for God's gracious Benediction in our many and famous Deliverances, 1631.-4. Quintessence of Cruelty ; or, the Popish Powder-plot related, 16 ...-5. England's Remembrancer; or, a thankful Acknowledgement of Parliamentarie Mercies to the EngliSh Nation, 1641.-6. The Sinfulness and Unlawfulness of making the Picture of Christ's Humanity, 1641.-7. God in the Mount; or, Eng- land's Remembrancer, beinga Panegerick*Piramides erected to the Honour of England's God, 1642.-8. A Looking Glass for Malig- nants ; or, God's Hand against God-haters, 1643.-9. God in the Mount; or England's Remembrancer, being the First and Second Partof a Parliamentary Chronicle, 1644.-10. God's Arke overtopping the World's Waves; or, a Third Part of Parliamentary Chronicle, 1646.-1 l. The Burning-bush not consumed; or, the Fourth and Last Part of aParliamentary Chronicle, 1646.--LThe three last articles were collected and published together, entitled, " Magnalia Dei Anglicans; or, England's Parliamentary Chronicle, 1646.-12. Cole- man-street Conclave Visited, as noticed above, 1648.-13. The Schis- niatickSifted, 16 ...-14. Soul-saving Knowledge, &c., 16 ...-15. The Pictureof a Puritan, 16...-16. Dagon Demolished ; or, Twentyadmir- able Examples of God's severe Justice and Displeasure against the Subscribers,ofthe late Engagement against the King and the whole House of Peers, 1660.-He also published several 'Translations of the Works of learned Men, among which was "Mischief's Mysterie ; or, Treason's Master-piece, the Powder-plot, invented by Hellish Malice, preventedby Heavenly Means," 1617. This was licensed; and a new edition afterwards being wanted, he waited upon. Dr. Baker, chaplain to Archbishop Laud, requesting to have the license renewed, when the doctor refused, saying, " We are not so angry with the papists now as we were twenty years ago."-l. PATRICK. YOUNG, A. M.-This celebrated scholar was born at Seaton in Scotland, August 29, 1584, and educated in the university of St. Andrews, where he took his degrees in arts, and was afterwards incorporated at Oxford. He was the son of Sir Peter Young, joint tutor with Buchanan to James I., and afterwards employed by the king in various negociations, and rewarded with a pension. Upon the 4. Huntley's Prelates' Usurpations, p. 163. *1- Prynne's Cant. Doome, p. 184. TOL. M.