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15S LIVES OF THE PURITANS. synod ; which was done accordingly. Tilt this platform was adopted, the churches of New England made frequent use of Mr. Cotton's book, entitled, " The Keys of the King.; dom of Heaven. "* This celebrateddivine, after his removal to New England, held a friendly correspondence with many persons of dis- tinction in his native country, among whom was the Pro- tector Cromwell. One of the protector's letters, written with his own hand, dated October 2, 1632, is here inserted verbatim, for ,the satisfaction of every inquisitive 'reader. The address is, " To my esteemed friend, Mr. Cotton, pastor to the church at Boston in NewEngland;" and the letter itself is as follows : " Worthy sir, and my christian friend, " I received yours a few dayes since. It was welcome " to me because signed by you, whome I love and honour " in the Lord': but more to see some of the same grounds of " our actinges stirringe in you, that have in us to quiet us " to our worke, and support us -therein, which hath had " greatest difficultye in our engagement in Scotland, by " reason wee have had to do with some whoe were (I " verily thinke,) godly; but, through weaknesse and the " subtiltye of Satan, involved in interests against the Lord " and his people. With what tendernessewee have pro- " seeded with such, and that in synceritye, our papers " (which I suppose you have seen) will in part manifest, " and I give you some comfortable assurance off. The " Lordhath marvellously appeared even against them ; and "now againe, when all the power was devolved into the " Scottish kinge and malignant partye, they invadinge " England, the Lord rayned upon them such snares as the " inclosed will shew, only the narrative is short in this, that " of their whole armie, when the narrative was framed, not " five of their whole armie returned. Surely, sir, the Lord " is greatly to be feared as to be praised. Wee need your " prayers in this as much as ever ; how shall we behave. " ourselves after such mercyes ? What is the Lord a " doeinge ? What prophesies are now fulfillinge ? Who " is a God like ours ? To know his will, to doe his will, "are both of him. " I tooke this libertye from businesse to salute thus in a " word : truly I am ready to,serve you, and the rest of our '4 brethren, and the churches with you. I am a poor weake Morse'and Mist. p. 145, 146.