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160 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. taught by a meaner disciple than such a doctor; whose scholastical acuteness, pregnancy of wit, solidity of judg- ment, and dexterity of argument, all orthodox divines so highly honour; and before whom all arminians and jesuits fall down in silence. God forbid that I should shut my eyes against any light brought tome by him. Only I desire not to be condemned as a pelagian or arrninian before I am heard.". Mr. Cotton often wished not to outlive his work. Herein his desire was granted; for his last illness was very short. Having taken leave of his beloved study, he said to Mrs. Cotton, "I shall go into that room no more." He was desirous to depart, that he might enjoy Christ and the company of glorified saints, particularly his old friends, Preston, Ames, Hildersham, Dod, and others, who had been peculiarly dear to him while he lived. Having set his house in order, and taken a solemn leave of the magistrates and ministers of the colony, who came to see him in his sickness, he sweetly slept in Jesus, December 23, 1652, aged sixty-seven years. His remains were interred with great lamentation and funeral solemnity. He is denomi- stated " an universal scholar, a living system of the liberal arts, and a walking library. He was deeply skilled in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and an extraordinary theolo- gian."+ Fuller ha's honoured him with a place among the learned writers and fellows of Emanuel college, Cam- bridge.t Dr. Cotton Mather, the pious historian, was his grandson. His WORKS.-1. The Way of Life, 1641.-2. Doubts of Predesti- nation, 1646.-3. Exposition upon Ecclesiastes and Canticles, 1648; -4. The Way of the Congregational Churches Cleared, 1648.- 5. Commentary on the First Epistle of John, 1656.-6. Milk for Babes.-7. A Treatise on the New Covenant-8. Various Sermons. -9. Answer to Mr. Ball about Forms of Prayer.-10. The Grounds and Ends of Infant Baptism-11. A Discourse upon Singing Psalms. -12. An Abstract of the Laws in Christ's Kingdom, for Civil Oovernment.-13. A Treatise on the Holiness of Church Members. -14. A Discourse on Things Indifferent.-15. The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.-16. Answer to Mr. Cawdry.-17. The Bloody Tenet Washed and made White in the Blood of the Lamb.-18. A Copy of a Letter of Mr. Cotton's of Boston in New England, sent in Answer of certain Objections made against their Discipline and Orders there, directed to a Friend. Mather's Hist. b. iii. p. 26-29. + Ibid. p. 25. Fuller's Hist. of Cam. p. 147.