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176 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. cathechism, such as come to prayers, for which I had my institution and license, and from which I never received any prohibition ; nor, so far as I understand, is it any sin against God or man. 13. You are accounted an enemy to the church of Eng- land, and draw others into schism after you. Ans. I deny the whole of this, and every part. 14. You are to promise, by your word and honour, to speak the truth.. Ans. I believe what I have confessed, and deny what I have denied in every part.. From the, above articles, together with Mr. Wilson's m replies, it is anifest that Laud had laid the snare to catch him, chiefly for refusing toread the Book of Sports. In this his lordship succeeded according to his wishes : for Mr. Wilson's answers, in which he declared his refusal to read the book, were no sooner given, than the archbishop replied, I suspendyou for everfrom your office and benefice tilt you read it;' and he continued suspended for the space of four years.t About the same time he was committed to Maid- stone jail for nonconformity, but how long he remained in confinement it does not appear.# At the expiration of the above period, 'he was brought into the high commission court by means of the archbishop ; and, to his .great cost and trouble, was again, prosecuted for the same crime. Indeed, the archbishop, in answer to this, said, that Mr. Wilson was , not censured for not reading the book ; but, according to his own confession, for dilapidations, in not repairing his house.§ With what kind' of evidence this is asserted, the candid and intelligent reader will easily perceive. Mr. Wilson, remaining under suspension, and being dis- satisfied With the ministry of his successor, removed to Maid- stone, where he gave private instructions among his friends, His adversaries, at the same time, traduced his character, and slandered him as a favourer of schism. Therefore, to wipe off the reproach, he addressed a, letter to the parishioners of Otham; exhorting them " to fear God and honour the king, and walk in lcose one towards another." For the information and satisfaction of all, this letter was read to the public con- gregation on the Lord's day. The news of this, however, soon reached Ldndon, when Mr. Wilson and Dr. Tuck, who * Life of Mr. Wilsos,'p. 67-89. Edit. 1672. Prynne's Cant. Doome; p. 149 -Clark's Lives, part i. p.18-21. Neal's Puritans, vol. iv. p. 632. Wharton's Troubles of Laud, vol. i. p. 344.