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EDWARDS. 83 man in whom the Spirit. of God dwelleth : one who is renewed by grace, and he shall direct thee." A little after, he said, " If all this be not true, then this book, clapping his hand upon the Bible, is full of falsehoods, and God himself is a liar, and Christ himself a deceiver." He also added, " If the day of judgment were now at hand ; if the seals were opened; if the fire were now about my ears, which should burn those that follow not this doctrine, I would testify and teach this, and no other doctrine." Mr. Edwards, for delivering these sentiments, was repeatedly convened before his superiors ; and, March 31, 1628, he was required to make a public revocation of his opinions in. St. Andrew's church, where he had deliveredhis sermon; and the following instrument was afterwards drawn up, testifying his compliance :-" These are to certify, that whereas Mr. Edwards, A. M. late of Queen's college in Cambridge, was required to explain himself, concerning words spoken by him in a sermon preached in the parish of St. Andrew's in Cambridge, as if he had dehorted from consulting carnal tutors, husbands and masters. To this purpose he did explain himself, in the said church of St. Andrew's, April' 6, 1628, being the day appointed, to wit, He desired not to be mistaken, as if he had preached against obedience to superiors, or hearkening to their advice and counsel, though carnal and wicked ; for such might advise well : as the pharisees sitting in Moses's chair, were to be obeyed in their sayings ; and that they ought rather to be dutiful to such than others, that they may win them and stop their mouths, 1 Peter; iii. J. Only if they advise any thing contrary to the word, as to lie, swear, &c. to remember the speech of the apostle, It is better to obey God, rather than men.' In witness whereof, I, Thomas Goodwin, then curate of the said church, being present, have subscribed my name, as also we whose names are underwritten, being also there present. Thomas Goodwin, Tho. Ball, Th. Marshal". Though Mr. Edwards is said to have been always a puritan in his heart, he received orders according to the form ofthe established church ; and, on his leaving the university, he was licensed, in the year 162g, to preach at St. Botolph's church, Aldgate, London.+ About the same time, he was broUght into trouble for nonconformity, and questioned or suspended by Bishop Laud, for refusing to observe hiS superstitious injunctions.# in the year 1640, having delivered Baker's MS. Collec. vol. vi. p. 192. xvi. 298. Newcourt's Repert. Eccl. vol. i. p. 916. Prynne's Cant. Doome, p. 373.